Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tuesday - Gratitude / Random Acts of Kindness

Well today is a bit of a rant. I sat and worked really hard to gather coupons to go the the store and get all of the greatly reduced items so I could send them to the Tornado victims, but they were gone.  I have been watching extreme couponing and I get so mad when they clear the shelf.  I mean you will never be able to use 115 boxes of pain reliever.  And to buy things you don't need because they make you money seems selfish to me.  I wanted to score a big deal.  I blood monitor so I could send it to someone who really needed it, and they were all gone.  I can't afford to do a ton of stuff but I would have liked to have gotten more for my money so I could have sent it to the tornado victims.  I ended up with very little.  I would have done better by just going to Dollar Tree.  I did get two things free, but I only bought one of each of the items.  I didn't have multiple coupons or split my order up twelve different times.  I know that they are trying to save money for their family and basically spend nothing for groceries,but they have to buy newspapers, so this "free" stuff can't possibly be true.  Where do these stacks and stacks of coupons come from? 
Why can't they just leave some things for the rest of us to buy?  Why clean the shelves when you can't possibly use them.....

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