Saturday, September 10, 2011

It has been a minute!

Today starts a new year for me.  In the late sixties, two people decided to get together and I was the result.  So yesterday I celebrated one of the 40's birthdays and today I am starting fresh.  I guess the best part of having a birthday is getting a fresh start.

I have tried this blogging thing for a while, and I have decided I really do not know what I am doing.  There are millions of blogs out there, I kind of question what on earth do I have to offer anyone that is new.  I mean I do not create my own recipes (my husband can whip up a meal from whatever we have, but I have to have directions), I am not an extremely organized person (even though I read every organizing blog I can find).  I am not a creative thinker.   I am very aspie (for those who do not know that is Aspergers Syndrome) I can not tell you that I have it, but I can tell you that I have at least three relatives that do.  I would think some of my personality traits would lead me to believe that I am at least somewhat affected by the disorder.
I am not anything special, I am not particularly humorous.  I do not stand out in a crowd.  I am not one for doing something for recognition, if I put my time and effort into I generally do it for just the sheer enjoyment.

So what can I possibly post about that can be of any interest to anyone else but me?  Good question.  I mean I have had readers who have been to this blog, so someone is reading, but I am guessing they are just here for the meal plans (which I have been doing, just not posting) but other than that, does anyone really care what I have to say?  I am just curious.  I will look at any comments and see if anyone is interested.  So I want to know.....what do you want to read about?  What interests you?

Tell me :)

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