Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friday - Taking time for me / Saturday Family Fun

Yes, yes I know it is Saturday and I am yet another day behind on my blog goals. This is what is supposed to be for me. Time I set aside each day and the past week I have been a day behind with any post I have put up.

It is hard to take time for me. I have mentioned before we are a blended family. One day I will have six people who eat dinner, the next day two, the next day four. It certainly gets hard to plan. Each week I try. This week it is only going to be two of us. All of the kids have spring break and they are not with us. So we have a week of work and hopefully relaxation at night.

I have really had to let the house go this week more so than usual. Now that is not saying I haven't done things. I just haven't done as much as I would have liked. I have done the laundry, just not put it up. I have cooked meals, but my kitchen just seems to be a bit behind on the cleaning. This week will be my catch up week. Obviously there will be less dishes and less laundry. Of course that means the chores they normally take care of will not be done. So it is kind of a catch 22 on the house aspect.

I am only doing one post for Friday and Saturday because my daughter is having a birthday this week. Because of spring break I do not have her this year. I have the option of seeing her, but she wanted to take a trip and not have to worry about getting back. So we spent extra time together last night and today. She had a friend over and they made a pie. So we had a little family fun early. It was nice because she was the only kid here and had the house to herself. Something that seldomly occurs.

I have noticed something today as I finally opened my google reader for the first time in two days. I am getting an average of 30-40 blog notices each day. I love to read all of the blogs I have found. I end up reading blogs more than I find time to devote to writing one. Maybe that is not such a bad thing. After all I am not a writer, and I have no idea if anyone reads this or not. So I guess my best things is just to figure out a time budget, so I can spend x amount of time either writing or reading. I get so many ideas from the blogs that I know they are helping me and my family.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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