Friday, April 29, 2011

Toilet Paper Rant

Super Toilet Paper Roll
Here it is.  I have not been on my blog in almost two weeks.  An event affected me greatly and then life just rolled right over me.  My husband brought up the fact that this is one of the ways I hold myself accountable, but I haven't been, have I?

So I know it is Thursday, and I should be featuring the site of the week.  The only site I have been on this week is for work, no one wants to hear about that.  I mean it is a fantastic site, but alas, it is boring.  So I decided to start up with toilet paper.

Toilet paper.  We only use one kind in our house.  Charmin Extra Soft. That has not changed in years.  What has changed is the size of the rolls.

So I now have to go to the store to buy more toilet paper even though I have a huge package at home. You see, I can't fit it in my toilet paper holder in the bathroom (it is the silver canister on the bottom) and it will not even fit in my roll. It does fit downstairs and in the kids bath, but today I had to just hold my toilet paper. Very weird to say the least.

I tried to start a price book. To compare prices on things I buy the most. But the toilet paper confused me. I mean I only buy one kind but there are sooooo many different variation on roll size. I looked it up on the web and it just amazed me. You don't know how much you are spending on toilet paper because you have no idea what you are buying. Today I went to Sam's and got family rolls. Now I have bought mega rolls, giant rolls, regular rolls, but never family rolls.

At this point I believe they keep changing this just to confuse us.

Now I have spent more time pondering the size of toilet paper rolls, and oddly enough most people may not care. (Honestly neither did I until I couldn't fit it on my dispenser). So why all this rambling over toilet paper?

Because I can! Happy Friday everyone!


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