Friday, April 1, 2011

Thursday - Site of the Week, part 2

I stumbled up on Google Health a few weeks ago.  I have still been exploring all of its features but it looks really interesting.  You can add healthy goals, share your information with your doctor, spouse or anyone else that you need to include.  I was worried about using it at first but since we use Google Apps for our email server I can trust that our information is safe.  If you are serious about getting healthy, check out this website.  You will be glad you did!

About Google Health (This is taken from their information page)

Better health comes from better information.
Organize, track, monitor, and act on your health information with Google Health.

Google believes you should have easy access to your own health information - anytime, anywhere. With a Google Health account, you can store, manage and share all of your health and wellness information in one central place. It’s available from Google at no charge. All you need is a username and password to get started.

We believe that your health information belongs to you, and you should decide how much you share and whom you share it with. We will never sell your data. We use sophisticated security techniques including encryption on connections and on our servers to help keep your information secure and private. And you are always in control of what you want to share and what you keep confidential. Check out our Privacy Policy to learn more.


Manage your Health Information Online

Is your health information in disarray? Google Health can help by offering a single place to organize and store you health information online. Track your wellness metrics, gather and organize your medical records, or import your health data directly into your account from connected doctors, hospitals and retail pharmacies. You can even create multiple profiles for family members or others you care for.

Set Personal Health Goals

Do you want a better way to track your goals for weight, blood pressure, or other wellness metrics? Have you ever wanted to track your sleep patterns, record how much you walk during the day, or track your progress at the gym? Or are you trying to overcome a health problem or caring for someone who is? With Google Health you can set personalized goals online and monitor them regularly.

Track your Progress

Create custom trackers for things you want to monitor like daily like sleep, how much coffee you drink a day, or how many times you exercise a week. You can also take notes or keep a diary on your how you are doing with a particular medical condition or a personal goal you set.

Share your Health Information

Help better coordinate your care by sharing your health records with individuals in your care network - family members, friends and doctors. Share your wellness goals and progress notes with family and friends. You can stop sharing at any time and you will always be able to see who has access to your information. You can also print a wallet-sized version of your health profile to share with your doctor or family members in person.

Personalize your Health Needs with Content and Apps/Devices

Access content about health topics from trusted sources and Google search results. You can also connect to apps that are integrated with Google Health that will help you better manage your health needs using our partner directory

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