Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday - Site of the Week (well now that Blogger is back up!)

I honestly have not had time to go to the grocery store this week much less surf the web for fun things. I think according to google reader, I have 116 unread blog entries and that was after I marked everything as read a few days ago.

I have been spending a lot of time looking at coupon sites lately. I was looking at coupon mom and liked the idea of using free coupons for charity items. So I took the two coupons from this past Sundays paper that are supposed to be free and I am planning to go to the store tomorrow and get these free items and start a box for a shelter program.

Then I started checking other blogs and websites, and I found something interesting.....people are really angry about these extreme couponers. I just switched over to a binder from my little coupon caddy on Mother's Day. I still haven't entered all of my coupons into my coupon program on the ipad, nor have I organized them all. It has been a REALLY busy week. I only clip coupons on things we use. I do not get extreme amounts of items (even though there are six of us) because I do not have anywhere to put it (I mean I could put it in the basement, but then I will forget and what is the point of that......)I do not want my child to have 4000 rolls of toilet paper under his bed, and I have no desire to have a shelf of canned goods in my bedroom. My bedroom has enough clutter in it without adding food.

So I expect to save around 100.00 a month through my watching sales and clipping coupons. I do it while I watch tv. I do not go out of my way to empty the shelf (ok last week gatorade was on sale and I bought 15, but they had tons!). I am glad they have found a way to spend very little money on groceries, but how many papers do they have to buy? How many hours do they take out of their day to do this? Right now this is something I enjoy, if it becomes too much like work then I will find it more trouble than it is worth.

There are two sites that I went to this week that I found interesting.... I visited this site several years ago and decided that the way she did couponing was not for me. I think I might be changing my mind. Not for my family but to use for charity. She has great lists and it seemed a bit confusing to me at first but I downloaded her ebooks and it became a bit clearer. Now I have a section for cut coupons in my binder and full circulars.

The next web site I visited was I ended up on her site because of the charity ideas. She does a great job on her blog showing you pictures of what she does. She was on extreme couponing but I did not see that episode.

Finally, I love facebook, I can catch up in just a few mintues on most of the blogs that I subscribe to in my reader and I get to see what my friends are up to. So I saw a post this morning from for the food drive this weekend. I will be cleaning out my pantry either tomorrow night or Saturday morning and getting rid of all those things that are still in date but my family won't touch. It will feel good to declutter my pantry while helping others in the process.

Well I hope that this week starts winding down for us, and all of you too!

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