Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday - Random Acts of Kindness / Gratitude

I understand how a small pebble can start a ripple.  I mentioned that I was going to have my children pick a service project for the family to participate in each month.  I sent a copy of the Pebble Tosser newsletter to my older children and one of my daughters ran with it. She approached her school administrators and is now helping organize a collection relief effort for the Tornado victims in our area.  When she went to school we were talking about a completely different project, by the time she got there, she had changed her mind and apparently was very passionate about Tornado Relief. 
I was in the car yesterday when I heard an ad for Kaiser Permanente.  Even the insurance companies are trying to get people to do good deeds.  It honestly does make some one feel good to do things for others.
Here is a link for Pebble Tossers again.  I hope to involve my children while they are young, so hopefully when they are adults they carry this on!

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