Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday-Taking care of me!

Well, it is Saturday morning. I thought about what to write in my blog all day yesterday, but came up with nothing. My husband invited me to lunch (which was at our favorite place and a nice way to spend part of our afternoon) and then I ran some errands and came back home to send my ladies off with their dad.

I had bought a bottle of wine a couple of days ago, but haven't opened it. I have been so tired so I was afraid that I would fall asleep, so I didn't bother. But last night I decided to have a glass, sit on the couch and enjoy watching some t.v with my hubby. We watched a bit of the Odd Couple movie with Jack Lemmon, then we switched to Fringe. Now I know this doesn't sound like I did a lot to take care of me, but I got to just relax and not think about anything. Sometimes that is the best thing.

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