Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday - Gratitude

The last two days I have been very frustrated.  We had a really bad storm and it knocked out our internet at work.  I waited for the repairman for five hours and he never showed up.  It burned me up like you wouldn't believe.  I was stuck at work, unable to work because our server was configured to go down with the internet.....UGH, so I couldn't reach my files to do anything.  Well I have a secret weapon.  I have a wonderful brother who, no matter what he is doing, finds a little time to solve my IT problems.  He has set up our network, he has reconfigured everything so we could work in an emergency, and he does it all from two hours away.   I was so frustrated that I can't even put it in to words.  I hate when I make myself that way.  I stress myself out more than I should in some situations.  He was very calm (as was my husband by day two).  We just delt with the cards we were delt and rolled with it.  Well they did, I didn't.  Finally at 2pm today it was fixed.  I felt great relief, but then I felt bad because I stressed myself out so much about it.  I am thankful that those around me are sometimes calm and cool.  Usually that is me, but not the past two days.  Thanks to my brother, everything is now back to normal :)

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