Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday - Site of the Week

Last week I shared my favorite site. It is the one that started this ADHD mom on the road to clutter recovery. I will let you know when I am
This week I want to share a relatively new find that has really helped me. Flylady has always talked about menu planning, she has partnered with LeAnn Ely from Saving Dinner and they have been trying to help us plan. I bought a couple of books and had tons of recipes books but I just want to jazzed up about some of these receipes. For my birthday I got an ipad. (It is mostly for work but it helps me in so many ways I can't even tell you). I discovered pod casts. Oh my! There is so much information out there you can just go on overload. I was trying to plan meals for my family and I came across a podcast called Meal Makeover Moms. I find if I can't sleep I can listen to a podcast and just kind of drift off. This episode caught my attention and I couldn't just fall asleep. It was episode 99, and it featured Laura from She had Meal Plan Monday. But what I thought was so great about her Meal Plan Monday was that she let you link to all of these other blogs with their menu plan. Each week over 200 people post their menu plans for the week. Well I was in heaven, I was seeing what other families would plan. The biggest hurdle I have always had was getting side items to go with my meals. I loved how everyone shared. It made my menu planning so much easier.

Her site is not just about meal planning. And I have to say it is one of my favorite blogs. She gives great tips and she has a new book out. I have downloaded the preview on my kindle but I haven't had time to read the entire book so I haven't downloaded the rest. She has products that she sells that are all aimed at helping you get your life organized. She just revamped her site and it looks great. If you need some organizational help, please go visit her.
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