Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday - Gratitude

Our life over the past few years has been made up more of challenges than plain old happiness.  We have had several business struggles and struggles with our child who I now term as having "abilities".
I could have had a completely different life now, but I made choices that were right for me and my family.  This economy has been really trying on small business owners all across the country.  We live in a state with a high rate of bank failures so it seems to affected us more than others.  Sometimes when I think about all of the things that we have been through over the past five years I can't believe I am even still married or sane.

We are still going through difficult financial times (I mean really who isn't right now), but it is getting much better.  And I guess the point is that as long as there is progress made it can be worked out. 

So I am grateful, for so many things.  One, I have a wonderful husband who I can absolutely depend on.  Two, I have two children by birth and two bonus kids that I love with all of my heart.  Three, we have a business and I can take care of my family (and that has been important in the past) in a way that I couldn't if I was holding a full time job. 

I am also thankful that I started reading blogs.  They have helped me keep grounded, realizing there are others out there just like me.  They have helped me save my family money.  They have helped me organize parts of my life and they have provided a great outlet for me to enjoy.

So I am grateful for the simple things.  Shouldn't we all be?

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