Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday - Family Fun

If you have looked at this blog then you will know that we are a blended family.  This means that some weekends we have our kids and other weekends we do not.  Our four kids are on the same visitation schedule (for the most part) so we have several days a week that we are all together and then there are days where it is just the two of us.  So this weekend is one of those time where it is just the two of us. So our family fun this weekend consists of making some steaks that we picked up on sale last weekend at Sam's (time to turn on the grill), we have a koi pond in our back yard so tomorrow we are going to have to replace the pump and clean it out so our fish do not die. 

We are also going to try and take our cameras out and catch some of the wonderful spring pictures around town.  I have been menu planning and plan to hit the grocery store tomorrow to get the first part of my shopping done for the week.  My husband and I enjoy going out for the day doing the mundane things of life.  We find it fun! So although this is family fun day on the blog, we enjoying the simple pleasures of life.  I hope you enjoy your Saturday too.

Here is a shot of our pond. 

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